Kansas Governor Sets Vision For State's Future

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Early education, promoting job growth, and a bright future for Kansans to live in, were all key points of Governor Brownback's State of the State address Wednesday evening.

Governor Sam Brownback said the path to a stable economy is through education, employment, and family stability.

Many applauded the Governors enthusiasm but others felt it might have been a bit too optimistic.

Governor Sam Brownback used tonight's State of the State address to not only portray a bright future for the Sunflower State, but also to take a look back at progress.

Brownback said, "We took action, breaking from failed policies of the past, we developed an action plan."

Brownback also touted he is putting Kansans back to work saying, "Our unemployment has gone from 6.9% to 5.1% and tied for 10th lowest in the country."

House Minority Leader Paul Davis said he isn't painting the full picture. "We've lost 16,000 jobs since he has taken office. He has not created a tremendous amount of jobs."

Throughout his speech, Brownback looked towards the future of the Kansas youth through the funding of all-day kindergarten. Brownback said, "For the first time, we can ensure that every Kansas child has access to all-day kindergarten and we should do it now."

Davis feels Brownback hasn't always felt that way and is late to the party., saying, "He has a dismal education record and made the largest cuts to public school funding. I think he's just trying to save face because it is an election year."

In the end Governor Brownback's message portrayed hope that he believes can turn into reality through hard earned Kansas values.

He said, "We must re-drill the same wells that gave us life the first time. They will refresh and renew us again."

Governor Brownback also thanked Davis and fellow Democratic leader Senator Anthony Hensley for their bi-partisan work with the legislature on the "Hard 50" sentencing law.