Brownback Lays Out Education Plan

Gov. Sam Brownback lays out his educational plan on August 25, 2014 (WIBW)
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- School funding will remain a top priority if he wins a second term this fall, Gov. Sam Brownback (R-KS) told a group of supporters on Monday.

Brownback outlined his education agenda in series of stops throughout the day, including one in Topeka.

He says a key goal is for 85% of high school graduates to earn an industry-recognized technical certification, be accepted into a higher education institution, or join the military.

He also touted a funding measure approved last years that he said put more money into schools.

"It put another $30 million into the system, a number of people's property taxes are going down because of this, more money into the classrooms as well," he told the crowd.

"We have record amounts of money going into K through 12 classrooms," he continued. "The formula is now back in equalization as the court has ordered."

Brownback also pointed out that his Democratic challenger St. Rep. Paul Davis (D-117th) voted against a school funding bill in this past session.

Davis responded that he did so because it tied additional money to a measure eliminating some job protection rights for teachers. Davis also says Brownback has cut school funding, not increased it as his opponent claims.

Davis says Kansas faces a $1 billion budget deficit in 5 years and "Kansans should not only reject his empty promises, they should expect deeper cuts to our classrooms if he is reelected."

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