Boy, 6, Suspended Over Gun Gesture In Md. Elementary School

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(CBS) SILVER SPRING, Md. - A gun-shooting gesture made by a first-grader to fellow students - just three days after the Newtown, Conn. school shootings - got the boy suspended from Roscoe Nix Elementary School in Silver Spring, Maryland, CBS Baltimore reports.

School officials say the boy pretended to shoot three students with his finger on Dec. 17, according to the station.

"I went into my desk and then I got scissors and then I just pretended it was a gun," the 6-year-old told CBS Baltimore.

He was reportedly sent to the office and the school called his parents about the behavior. The school warned he could face suspension if it happened again... and according to school officials, it did, twice.

The final incident involved another first-grader, but both say they were just playing around.

"She did the 'pow' sound and I just went like that. And then I got sent to the office again," the suspended boy told CBS Baltimore.

"They are saying he threatened a student, threatened to shoot a student. He was just playing," the boy's father said.

In a letter to parents, the school called it a serious incident and said a first-grader had threatened to shoot a student just days after the Newtown shootings.

The boy served a one-day suspension. His family appealed the suspension, which would appear on his permanent school record.

CBS Baltimore reports that amid vigorous debate about the disciplinary measure, school officials have decide to erase the suspension from the boy's record.

The family's attorney said the child had no intention to shoot anyone.

A spokesman for the school system said previouslyr that the boy's suspension "was not a kneejerk reaction to a single incident." The spokesman said Friday the district does not comment on discipline issues involving individual students