Big Bucks For Topeka Bikeways

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Topeka will get nearly a quarter-million dollars more to help complete the next wave of its overall bikeways plan. The money, awarded by the Kansas Dept. of Transportation on Tuesday, goes toward the second phase of the City's master plan. (click link for full plan)

“We are excited to continue moving forward with our Bikeways Master Plan, and excited to see more implementation on City streets,” multi-modal planner Julie Anderson said. “This will increase connections and give residents more transportation options. It also shows the support of KDOT in Topeka’s efforts to be more bike-friendly.”

The latest stage will add 13 miles of sharrows, bike lanes, intersections, and sidpath construction. It's designed to provide greater links between the routes laid out in Phase I and will span the whole city.

Combined Phase I and II make up more than a quarter of the entire bikeway network in the master plan.

The $223,075 award covers about 80% of the project's cost. It comes on top of the $1.4 million KDOT awarded last June for begin the first phase of construction and was part of the agency's Transportation Enhancement program. Phase I is getting final approval from KDOT right now and is expected to be completed in 2015.