Earth Day: Go Behind The Scenes At Recycle Facility

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)_ April 22nd is Earth Day, a day to demonstrate support for protection of our environment.

Tuesday, the Rolling Meadows Materials Recovery Facility showed visitors and 13 News a behind the scenes look at what happens to your recyclable materials.

Waste Management's Lisa Disbrow says in 2013 they recycled 15 million tons of commodity materials and wants the community's help to break that record.

Inside the facility, safety is a priority all workers and visitors must wear a high visibility vest, safety goggles, a hard hat and ear protection.

"This is the first line of material that they have and they are picking up anything that does not belong," says Disbrow as she leads the tour and points to the conveyor belt.

Workers sift through recycled materials to discard items that don't belong, like tires and car parts.

Recycled cardboard, newspaper, plastics, and scrap metal is separated by using magnets and screens. This process lowers emission by reducing the number of vehicles for collection, a vital reminder its never too late to recycle.

"It's really important. We want people to recycle often, but we want them to recycle right. We can save trees by recycling our paper," says Disbrow.

"We have limited natural resources and one of these days they are going to be gone so we want to make sure we can recycle everything that we possibly can," says Philicia McKee from Keep America Beautiful.

To learn more helpful Earth Day reminders about recycling, visit Waste Management's website at