Becoming A Veterinary Technician A Lot Easier With Mobile Lab

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Pursuing an animal loving-type career in Topeka is getting a whole lot easier.

When caring for animals is a passion, a brand-new program makes it easier for more Kansans to transform that passion into a rewarding career.

Kansas has animal lovers everywhere, and all over the Capital City, too.

But, modern veterinary technology programs haven't been accessible in most parts of the state - until now.

"We've made the whole experience accessible and flexible," Program Director Doctor Margi Sirois said.

This school can roll to them.

"For a long time there were large areas in Kansas where if the student wanted to get a veterinary technology education, they'd have to move or drive four to five hours a day," Sirois said.

Wright Career College is partnering with five humane societies in Kansas to provide hands-on experience for students in a mobile lab.

Topeka's Helping Hands Humane Society is one of the sites.

Margaret Price said the shelter is very excited to be a part of the program. "It will help teach them how to work with animals," she said. "I hope they can help educate us and I think we can educate them in certain areas, animal behaviors, things like that."

The mobile lab concept is the first of its kind, equipped with everything a stationary lab would have.

Students will learn more than 200 different skills they can be trained to perform on eight different animals. The skills include learning restraint and general handling of animals, inserting intravenous catheters, giving fluids and injections, radiology, lab diagnostics and more.

"They'll have an instructor right next to them helping them go through all the hands-on skills they need to perform as a veterinary technician," Sirois said.

It's a win-win situation for both the college and Helping Hands.

Students get the experience once a week in the lab, and Helping Hands animals will receive extra care.

When the mobile lab rolls into town, Wright Career College hopes more vet tech hopefuls can fit the program into their lives.

Classes in the mobile lab are also offered in Merriam (Kansas City metro), Wichita, Great Bend and Parsons.

For more information, visit the Wright Career College website. Call 1-800-222-8203 or email