Biking Across Kansas Passes Through Riley County

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WAMEGO, Kan. (WIBW) - Bike riders traveling across the state made their way through Riley County on Wednesday.

Nearly 900 participants in this year’s Biking Across Kansas tour landed in Wamego Wednesday night after starting their morning in Salina.

The event is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and this year the weather has been anything but normal.

"Well it started off with a tornado on the Colorado border and we literally ran into a wall of wind," said Marcia Rozell. "So that was kind of exciting to start day one with. And then, what was it, Monday we were totally drenched. And the weather’s been cooler than normal, but we’re having a great time and we’re meeting lots of people."

For most, the state-wide trek provides a unique way to spend time with friends while staying active, but for Jennifer Krehbiel, this year’s journey has become a special dedication.

"I started it for health issues that I had to promote health and I am correcting a heart condition I have by training for Biking Across Kansas," Krehbiel said. "I’m dedicating the rest of my Bike Across Kansas to my grandfather, which I lost yesterday afternoon, and I’m finishing the ride for him today."

The race that began at the Colorado border will conclude on Saturday with a celebration in White Cloud.