Back-To-Back-To-Back Attacks At Lansing Correctional Facility

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LANSING, Kan. (WIBW) -- An inmate attacked workers at Lansing Correctional Facility on back-to-back-to-back days earlier this month, according to the state's Dept. of Corrections.

The incidents occurred between June 5 and June 7, the agency said in a statement issued on Thursday. They described each one as a lone inmate "battering one or more staff members" and said they were "independent and unrelated."

All of the workers who were hurt have been taken to outside medical professionals for treatment.

“Working as a trained correctional officer in any state correctional facility is challenging and difficult work, and carries the risks associated with a correctional facility,” said Secretary Ray Roberts. “We ask much of our correctional officers, and these dedicated men and women deliver great service toward protecting the safety of all Kansas each day. "

The department credited the reduced rate of repeat offenders returning to prison over the past ten years to the "hard work and dedication" of its staff.

They noted the recent attacks weren't the result of understaffing or budget constraints.

"“During the 2013 legislative session, the budget passed by the legislature contained devastating cuts to corrections," said Secretary Roberts. "Governor Brownback recognized the situation and vetoed the agency’s FY 2015 budget that contained the funding reductions. Without his leadership, the Department of Corrections would have been unable to provide safety to our staff."