Police Questioning 6 In Shooting Outside Pittsburgh, PA High School

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PITTSBURGH (CBS) – Police say they've taken six people in for questioning about a shooting that wounded three students outside Brashear High School in Pittsburgh, reports The Associated Press.

Diane Richard, a spokesperson for the Pittsburgh Police, reportedly said those being questioned are not suspects or necessarily going to be charged.

Three male students were wounded in a shooting near the campus around 3 p.m. Wednesday while they were walking together to a car, according to Richard.

She said one student received a graze wound to the leg and foot, one was shot in the neck and shoulder, and another sustained a graze wound to the head. She said all three are listed in "good to stable condition" and are being treated at local hospitals.

Police say the victims were not immediately cooperating with investigators, according to the Associated Press.

Richard went on to say that the student who suffered the graze wound to the head "ran back to school and was pulled inside the school by one of the school administrators."

According to CBS Pittsburgh, school officials say a shooter came out of the woods near the school and shot the three students on Crane Avenue. Police are reportedly searching nearby woods for the shooter, or shooters; Richard said it is unclear if there was more than one shooter.

Richard said police believe the shooting might stem from a drug-related dispute between students at the school last month.

The school is located in the Beechview neighborhood of Pittsburgh and is part of the Pittsburgh Public School District. There are about 1,500 students in the school, making it the largest high school in the district.

Pittsburgh Police say three students were shot outside Brashear High School.

Police are on the scene of the high school.

One of the victims is a 17-year-old male who was grazed in the head by a bullet. He has since been taken to a local hospital and is believed to be in stable condition.

According to school officials, a shooter or shooters came out of the woods near the school and shot three students on Crane Avenue near the high school.

None of the victims’ injuries is believed to be life-threatening.

After the shots were fired, the students ran back into the school for help.

Police have closed off Crane Avenue at the intersection of Dagmar Avenue. Route 51 at Crane is also closed to all motorists.

Police are searching the nearby woods for at least one shooter. It is not known at this time if there is more than one shooter.

Newschopper 2 flew over the scene and captured at least one victim being loaded into an ambulance on a stretcher.

Nearby South Hills Middle School has also been placed on lockdown.

The three victims were being taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital and Allegheny General Hospital. At least one student was last listed in stable condition at Allegheny General Hospital.

The school is located in Beechview and is part of the Pittsburgh Public Schools District. There are about 1,500 students in the school, making it the largest high school in the district.