Authorities Break Up Brawl In Geary County, 20 Arrested

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GRANDVIEW PLAZA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Twenty people were arrested in Geary County early Monday morning after a brawl broke out off of Interstate 70. The suspects are accused of starting a riot.

Officials with the Grandview Plaza Police Department say a physical fight between a group of people from Manhattan, Ogden, Junction City and Fort Riley originally started outside of the Ogden Community Center and ended up in Geary County in a field adjacent to the westbound off-ramp for Exit 300 Council Grove along Interstate 70. Geary County sources say the whole altercation is rumored to have started with an argument over a girl and escalated, involving more and more people as friends joined in.

After receiving an anonymous 911 call at midnight about a fight at Flinthills Boulevard and Cannon View Drive, officers with the Grandview Plaza Police Department and the Junction City Police Department as well as deputies with the Geary County Sheriff's Department responded to the scene and took 17 adults and three juveniles into custody.

"Several subjects decided to come out of the Ogden/Manhattan area to the Junction City area, got off the interstate and decided they were going to have a fight in a field. We’re not sure of the exact sequence of events, we just know that some of them were in route to Junction City to pick up some extra help and they just decided to come here and they were all out in the field fighting when the officers arrived. Officers took 20 subjects into custody, including three juveniles. They’re from Manhattan, Ogden, Junction City and Fort Riley. They were all charged with Inciting a Riot and Disturbing the Peace and were taken to the Geary County Detention Center," said Lieutenant Janet Young with the Grandview Plaza Police Department. The names of the suspects were not provided but Young says three of them are Fort Riley soldiers. They range in age from late teens to mid 20s.

Lieutenant Young described the scene was "chaotic" when officers and deputies arrived.

"Obviously when they see the flashing lights of law enforcement show up, the first instinct is for them to run and so we had subjects just going every which way," she told WIBW.

Grandview Plaza Police Chief Brad Clark says more people were at the scene when the fight broke out but some ran off before they could be apprehended.

The only weapon recovered from the scene was a pair of brass knuckles, according to police. Only minor injuries were reported and no one was transported to the hospital.

The incident is still under investigation. Authorities say the suspects are remaining tight-lipped about what happened.

"They had nothing to say as to why they were there or what they were doing. Nobody really wanted to say much at all. It makes it a lot harder to investigate these matters but the truth will come out. This type of behavior won’t be tolerated in Geary County. You're going to go to jail over something like this. It’s a dangerous situation when people get together like that and tensions are running high. Anything can happen and that’s why it’s so important to get the situation under control very quickly which the officers did," said Geary County's Undersheriff Tony Wolf.

"None of the suspects or individuals would speak to any of the officers on the scene and tell us what happened or why they decided they were all going to fight," Lieutenant Young added.

She also thanked the other departments for their assistance, saying: "It was nice to have all the agencies get together and work together as a common law enforcement in this area."

Dash cam video of the scene captured by police cruisers was not available.