Child Made Up Story About Attempted Abduction

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(KAKE)-- A 9-year-old girl has admitted that she made up a story about an attempted abduction in southeast Wichita.

Wednesday, the child told police that a man pulled up beside her in a car while she was walking to Caldwell Elementary. She had she ran away after the man tried to force her into his car at gunpoint.

As the girl and her father were walking to school this morning, police say her dad flagged down a nearby officer who was on patrol. The man told the officer that his daughter made up the story because she was fearful that she would one day be kidnapped.

Police said charges will not be filed and that the case is closed.

Wednesday's Report:
(KAKE)-- Police are investigating the attempted abduction of a child who was walking to school in southeast Wichita.

Wichita Police say a 9-year-old girl was walking alone to school around 8:30 this morning. She was heading towards Caldwell Elementary, located at 1441 S. Edgemoor.

When she was in the 5300 block of East Boston near the school's football field, she said a man pulled up beside her in a car. Police say the man yelled, telling her to get into the car. When she refused, the man reportedly pulled a gun and said he would shoot her. She ran to the school and told an adult, who called 911.

The girl told police the suspect was a black male in his 40s who was balding. He was driving a white car with a black stripe down the passenger side. She said the car had damage along the right-front section of the car all the way to the back, as though the car had been side-swiped.

No other witnesses reported the incident, and police have not yet located a suspect. Officers are treating the the report as legitimate, saying there's no reason right now for them to believe it's not true.