Application Can Successfully Find A Lost Or Stolen Cell Phone

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW)- In today's society, people have grown accustom to using cell phones on a daily basis, such as keeping up with social media, texting friends, calling clients and more. But, what would you do if your cell phone got lost or stolen?

This happens to people more often than not, including a young man named Steve Scott.

"I lost my iPhone once at a restaurant. I was only there for an hour and next thing I know it was gone," said Scott.

What you may not know is that the iPhone has a "Find My Phone" application which helps you locate a lost or stolen phone.

Justin Ott has been a Sales Representative at Verizon Wireless for 5 years and he says iPhone isn't the only phone with this special feature.

"The Android has a 'Where's My Droid?' application that you can download in the Play Store," said Ott.

If your cell phone is misplaced or stolen, there are simple tasks you can take to retrieve it.

"You log onto, type your phone number in and it takes you to the settings and finds the phone," said Ott.

If your phone is still turned on, the system locates the area your phone is in. You can also use Google Maps to zoom in on the area.

Cell phone providers say the next step is to contact police. Police officers from the Lawrence Police Department say they hear stories like this too often.

"We get calls for stolen electronic devices a lot," said Officer Trent McKinley.

Police can also use the iCloud application to locate the phone. Once they do that, they knock on the perpitrator's door and say,

"You can just bring that phone back to us and it's as simple as that," said Officer McKinley.

Police ensure that with this application your cell phone is more likely to be returned.

13's newest reporter, Ariana Cohen, actually had this happen to her and that is what inspired this story. Her iPhone got stolen at restaurant. She located it on iCloud and contacted the Lawrence police. The police officer found the phone in a trailer park where he retrieved the phone from the thief and returned it back to her.