Apartment Complex Owners Bringing Managers To Court

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__Karen Shutts showed 13 News her flooded and feces contaminated apartment. After that story, the apartment managers filed an eviction action on Shutts, but as it turns out, they have legal problems of their own.

Ubaldo Perez bought into the Bentley Place apartment building and has a contract that basically makes him the landlord, but Marc Shepherd is the president of BBMI, the legal owner of the property, and he has taken Perez to court trying to prove Perez has neglected the property and should lose his ownership shares.

Ubaldo Perez bought shares of the Bentley apartments from a friend of Marc Shepherd and took over it's management with a contract that runs runs thru 2014.

BBMI says it turned out that Perez had no insurance and was making virtually no repairs to the 36 unit building, spending only $10,000 over roughly 5 years.

In June of last year, BBMI filed suit to get Perez and his wife Mireya Rosas out of the building and last July, Shawnee County District Judge Larry Hendricks did order Perez to make major health and safety repairs in the building.

Karen Shutts, who moved into the apartment complex early July, has had her apartment flooded three times and had lived in feces water for 10 days without any maintenance.

Shepherd says BBMI asked for an emergency hearing Monday, July 29th with Judge Hendricks. The goal being to remove Ubaldo Perez and Mireya Rosas from managing the apartment complex. BBMI plans to show 13 News' story with Karen Shutts to prove to Judge Hendricks that Perez has neglected the property.