Always Smiling Lexie Salmon Remembered

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Family and friends honored a life lost too soon Thursday night at Lake Shawnee.

Those that loved Lexie Salmon spoke about what a wonderful person she was at a candlelight vigil.

It is an unimaginable time for her family and friends, but the vigil, despite many tears, was full of laughter and memories.

Lexie Salmon's family said she fought as hard as she could to survive a deadly virus. They say that was her attitude in every aspect of her life.

Lexie had just ended her sophomore year at Shawnee Heights High School and was waiting for a liver transplant, but passed away Wednesday night from a virus that impacted several of her organs.

Many of her friends came to the vigil to say what an impact she had on their lives. She loved taking pictures, was always smiling, and friends say no one could ever say a bad word about her.

Lexie was an avid softball player and her team shared stories of her as a tough player.

Her dad said it'll be a long road ahead of the family, but here is some good that comes out of the tragic situation.

"Definitely organ donation," her mother Haley Salmon said. "She loved life and she would just love if this could catch on to at least one other person. She didn't get her chance."

The family is urging everyone to consider becoming an organ donor.

"It can change everything."

To make a donation directly to the Salmon family to help with medical expenses send a check here:

The Topeka City Employee Credit Union
c/o Lexie Salmon
215 SE 7th Street Suite 140
Topeka, Kansas 66603

The family thanks the community for all the support.