Weather Severely Halting Corn Planning Season In Kansas

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Kansas Department of Agriculture officials say that the sunflower state is not in the danger zone just yet, but warmer weather would benefit farmers.

The rain, snow and moisture, although mostly positive, has provided mixed feelings amongst the farming officials.

KDA Economist Chad Bontrager said, "The problem is that it is keeping farmers out of the fields and they haven't even been able to get fertilizer out and first you have to put fertilizer down before you plant the corn.

Just as the weather in Kansas can change drastically from day to day, the same can be said of the differences between last year and this years planting season.

Bontrager said, "This year we have 4% corn planted last year we had around 20%. Last year we were a little ahead of schedule and this year obviously we are behind. We just need some days of 60-70 degree weather and its amazing what Kansas farmers can do with good planting conditions."

The moisture however is a strong positive for Kansas livestock. Bontrager said, "Last year the water ponds were drying up and farmers had to retrieve water. It is very important for the cattle ranchers who rely on surface water and not underground water.

Governor Brownback, Secretary of Agriculture Dale Rodman and a very special honorary speaker, will be making a 3-stop tour Saturday in Kansas City, Wichita and Topeka.

Officials say the Topeka visit will occur at 2:30 pm.