Adopted Kids From Ukraine Enroll In Local Schools

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TOPEKA< Kan. (WIBW)_ Settled into their new home in Topeka, four adopted children from Ukraine took the next steps on their journey!

13 News has followed story of the Jenkins family who became stuck in Ukraine for more than month with delays getting the children's passports.

Wednesday, they enrolled in local schools. All 4 children speak little to no English. Their adoptive mother, Lisa Jenkins, says she coordinated with Seaman School's Superintendent Mike Mathes who arranged for translators to work with them.

Like most teenage girls, Natalie, Tatiana and Angela enjoy listening to music, but the language of the lyrics and what they speak sets them apart.

"It's going to be an experience for them, quite a change," said Don Jenkins, their adoptive father.

"I know the academic side is going to be a struggle from the beginning. I mean the language barrier in of itself is going to be a struggle," said Lisa Jenkins, their adoptive mother.

Lisa says they will have translators and take English as Second Language classes. (ESL)

Their adopted son, 8-year-old Roman who has special needs will attend Logan Elementary, while the girls will be sophomores at Seaman High School.

"Black, blue, green," Roman repeats after the teacher.

"I hope they embrace it and go after it and make the most of it. And with learning English hopefully they will be able to grow and make and have careers here and do really well," said Don.

"I just think they will do great things," said Lisa.