Additional Surveillance Video Released In Liquor Store Killing

Suspect in murder at Hudson Liquor Store
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Topeka police have released new surveillance video following the Christmas Eve murder of a liquor store clerk. The video does not show the victim, 41-year-old Matthew Hill, being hit by a crowbar and shot. But police say it shows Hill's killer and they hope people will notice something about the suspect, that will enable them to give police additional tips.

The release of the video follows police saying earlier Wednesday that a gun from inside Hudson Liquor, used for protection, was turned on the clerk, during the robbery. The liquor store is located at Hudson Crossing at S.E. 15th and Adams.

The video shows the robber concealing a crowbar and demanding money. The crowbar was later used to hit and kill the clerk.

Police believe the robber was a drunken man, or that he had a physical disability, based on his walk.

Topeka police Capt. Jerry Stanley says TPD is using all of their resources to find Hill's killer. He says following Hill's death, police canvassed the neighborhood from 15th to 25th and Indiana to Adams.

He says people have called police, generating about 60 tips. So far, he says police have spoken to 20 people who were suggested to them, but they have 10 more people they still want to talk to.

Police are still encouraging people to call CrimeStoppers at (785) 234-0007, with any information.