AAA Team Has Record Number Of Calls

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- This winter's weather is packing more of a punch than last winter if calls to AAA are any indication.

About a third of their calls from this storm were for "winch outs"- when drivers try to back out in their driveways and get stuck in the snow.

"I was calling to let you know that I am headed that way to pull the vehicle out," says Jayson Briggs.

Briggs has worked for the AAA Roadside Rescue Team for the past 14 years. Since the massive snowfall that hit northeast Kansas, AAA has received 850 calls for road service, 157 of those calls have been in Topeka.

Briggs says this number is a lot higher than past years.

"Alot busier than what it was yesterday. With side roads being snow packed, it is making it difficult for everybody's travel. We have been doing winch outs, frozen locks. This is mainly our how call volume right now with the occasional battery call and tow," says Briggs.

"If you do get stuck make sure you have gas in your tank just in case its going to be a while because there are times that no matter who you are it could be 2-3 hours," says Briggs.

Jim Hanni, Executive Vice President at AAA told 13 News by mid-afternoon Wednesday, AAA workers were responding to calls within 1-1.5 hours.

Briggs says its best to stay off the snow packed roads if you can that way you can avoid a situation like your vehicle being towed or "winched out."

Briggs also recommends if you do see a AAA truck on the side of the road with its lights on, they would appreciate it if all drivers could move out of the way.