Help on Supplemental Income Wage Reporting

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Social Security has made it easier for Supplemental Security Income recipients who are working to report their monthly wages by introducing the SSI Automated Telephone Wage Reporting system (SSITWR). Recipients and other required reporters can now report their wages without having to mail in pay slips or contact their local Social Security office.

This system is quick and convenient, and helps Social Security make the correct benefit payments each month.

Who can use SSITWR?

This wage reporting option is available to certain recipients who are getting SSI, or a combination of SSI and Social Security disability benefits. In addition to recipients, representative payees for SSI beneficiaries and deemors (ineligible parents, ineligible spouses, sponsors of aliens, and essential persons whose income and resources are considered available for meeting SSI recipients’ basic needs) can also report wages using this automated telephone reporting system.

Your local Social Security field office can help you determine if SSITWR is the best reporting option for you.

How does it work? Recipients and other reporters call a designated toll–free number between the 1st and 6th of the month to report wages for the previous month. (A tip: calling from a quiet place is important because background noise may cause the report to fail.) Once the system accepts the information, it will tell you that you submitted a successful report.

Reporters may call toll–free: 866–772–0953
Before you can begin reporting wages using this automated system, you must have the following information with you when you call:

* The Social Security number and date of birth of the person who is reporting wages (caller);

* The caller’s name as it appears on their Social Security card;

* The Social Security number of the wage earner who is eligible for SSI (worker);

* The TOTAL gross wages for the wage earner. (Gross wages are the earnings before taxes and other deductions.)

Social Security has information packets that can help you figure your gross monthly wages and use the system. To request your information packet, call 1–800–772–1213, or your local Social Security field office, so you can start using automated telephone reporting right away. You can choose whether you would like us to e–mail or mail the info packet to you.

If you would rather not report wages by telephone, you can use traditional reporting methods such as mailing or bringing paystubs into your local Social Security office. Monthly telephone reporters who experience technical difficulties should contact their local field office for assistance.

Ready to get started? Call 1–800–772–1213 to get started reporting wages the quick and convenient way.