Police Seek Public's Help in Hit and Run Probe

Authorities are renewing their request for help from the public in the probe of the hit-run crash that killed two highway workers in Douglas County.

One of the leads deputies are following is that the pickup truck involved may have been driven through the work zone nearly an hour before the fatalities occurred Tuesday.

Tyrone Korte of Seneca and Rolland Griffith of El Dorado were struck on U.S. 59 south of Lawrence and died at the scene.

Forty-eight-year-old Ramona Morgan and her daughter Sabrina Morgan are jailed in Osage County on charges related to a police chase that followed.

Ramona Morgan is accused of being the driver of the truck, at least while it was in Osage County.

Douglas County and Highway Patrol officials say they don't know when the investigation into the fatalities will be completed.

The truck was a 2002 dark blue Chevrolet A-71 with an extended cab, tinted windows and dealer advertisement tags on the front and
back bumpers.

The dealership was NEXT2NEW Auto Sales in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.