94 Year Old Landmark Saved From Demolition For Now

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)__The future of a nearly 95 year old former church building remains in limbo.

Fire Chief Greg Bailey told council members his staff stands firmly behind a decision to tear down the vacant structure, reaffirming councilmen ed collazo's point it is a safety hazard.

Councilmember Ed Collazo of District 7 said, "The building is beyond repair and deplorable, it is a biohazard and has human feces and animal feces."

Collazo, along with council members Sylvia Ortiz, Larry Wolgast, and Andrew Gray wanted to go ahead with demolition, but not everyone agreed.

Councilwoman Karen Hiller says the public did not get proper notice to come to the buildings defense.

Hiller said, "We haven't done enough to find out if anyone in the public would like to buy it or do something with it."

Hiller's argument won out, the majority of the council voting to delay a decision six months.

The council also voted unanimously along with Mayor Bunten to begin widening 21st street between Wanamaker and Urish to 5 lanes.

Next week the city will create a list of properties that will be condemned to gain the rights of way to move forward with construction.