Nacole Winter's Family Speaks out

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Word of the arrest brings a bit of relief but also, renewed grief for Nacole Winter's family.

Nacole's mother, Vickie said today's news of an arrest in her daughter's murder is like losing Nacole all over again.

"I was actually pretty excited it's just the first reason to smile over everything besides the things we do as a family it's just a reason to smile," said AJ Christian, Nacole's brother.

That was AJ's reaction after he learned 24-year-old Christopher Hall was arrested for his sister's murder.

"I just hope he gets the justice he deserves and we are going to keep on day by day," said Christian.

The family says they will continue to honor and remember Nacole and remember her for the young vibrant lady she was.

"She loved everything she loved to dance she loved the races she loved her nieces and nephews," said Christian.

Nacole would have been 16 in October but instead of planning a party they will be preparing for a trial but no matter what happens Nacole's family knows it will never bring nacole back.

"Just because they found him their not going to bring nacole back it's not going to happen at least this way we know she has closure and just is going to be served for her," said Christian.