Could River Ramps Save Lives -- Or Cause More Accidents?

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One challenge for emergency crews responding to Sunday night's accident... is that it's tough to get into the river.

They -- and people just wanting to have fun -- say access ramps might help.

A ramp could help save lives -- but it could also backfire with more people in this river, meaning a higher chance for tragedy.

Rescuers had a difficult time even getting into the water Sunday night.

So having a river access ramp might have helped the effort.

But "Friends of Kaw," a river recreation group, says there needs to be an easier way to get in the water.

It would make it easier for them to have fun -- and it may save lives.

Calwell says the possibility of more water related accidents shouldn't be an issue.

Currently, the only ramp rescuers have to get into the river is in Tecumseh.

Friends of the Kaw says funding is in place for the ramps, and a design needs to be approved by the Topeka Water District.