Sen. Barnett to AG Six: Sue Over Obama Health Care

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TOPEKA -- Senator Jim Barnett of Emporia is calling on Attorney General Steve Six to join the 14 other states that have sued the federal government because the bill’s expansion of Medicaid imposes a fiscal strain on state budgets already hurting from the economic downturn.

“Attorney General Six needs to take a stand for the people of Kansas,” said Barnett. “At a time when the state legislature is looking to cut programs in order to balance the state budget the federal government steps in and forces us to spend millions more on a new entitlement,” said Sen. Barnett. “Attorney General Six needs to act quickly, and file a suit and stand up for the people of Kansas.”

Kansas is facing a $400 million deficit, state legislators are deciding between cutting programs or revenue increases. Fourteen other states have filed suit against this unconstitutional legislation including neighboring Colorado and Nebraska.

“Obama-care is a giant unfunded mandate that Americans simply can’t afford. Health care reform should have focused on accessibility, affordability and lawsuit abuse reform,” said Sen. Barnett. “Instead of quality reform, Democrats forced a new entitlement on straining states.”