8 Year-Old Kansas Girl Grabs Wheel When Mom Passes Out Driving

Abby Porter, 8, grabbed the wheel when mom passed out while driving. (KOAM)
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GALENA, Kan. (WOAM) -- Eight year-old Abby Porter knew what to do when her mother fell unconscious while driving.

"I thought I was trying to panic and then I got the idea to grab the steering wheel," recalled Abby.

The second-grader took over the wheel as the vehicle kept going. What happens next may surprise you.

"I was driving, then I turned around to get to my dad's house and then this police car came up," she said. In that cruiser was Officer Hamilton of the Galena Police Dept.

"As I got beside the vehicle it looked like a female driver passed out having a medical emergency and a female juvenile female steering the vehicle from the passenger console side area," said Hamilton.

He rolled down his window and told Abby to put the car into park.

"He asked me if I could put it in park; I said I don't know how," said Abby.

With both heading toward and intersection, Hamilton knew he had to act quickly. Luckily, he had a plan.

"Let her bump my vehicle into the back of me so I can stop it. She said she was scared she didn't want to do that," explained Hamilton.

Despite her fears, the 8 year-old agreed and both vehicles came to a stop. Abby's father said he's thankful.

"Very thankful the good Lord was on the situation and angels were beside those two," said Roger Porter, Abby's dad.

And the day wasn't done yet for Abby. She wanted to return to class.

"Because I wanted to take my spelling test and tell them everything was okay," said Abby.

The Galena Police Dept. has said it will honor Abby with a bravery award.