Investigation Finds Officer Accidentally Shot Hostage Suspect

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Topeka (WIBW) - An administrative investigation found a Topeka Police officer accidentally shot the suspect in a Dover hostage standoff.

The incident happened Sept. 15, 2009. Jesse Dimmick, a suspect in a Colorado homicide, had fled Geary County authorities a day earlier. He ended up a home in Dover, taking the couple inside hostage. They managed to get out safely, then authorities moved in.

Dimmick was shot while being taken into custody.

In a statement, Police Chief Ron Miller says the review found the 43-year old officer with 20 years experience was negligent in operating his firearm. The review found that while Dimmick was being resistant, the officer's weapon accidentally discharged and the officer did not intend to shoot him.

Dimmick recovered.

The statement says "subsequent remedial action, corrective action, and disciplinary action will be taken in accordance with Department Policy, City Human Resources Policy, and the terms of the labor agreement with the Fraternal Order of Police."

The officer is back on normal duty.

The District Attorney's office determined no criminal charged will be filed against the officer.