7 Reasons You’ll Love the Monday Farmers Market

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Shop fresh and local at the Monday Farmers Market, May 19 through October 6, 8:00am-11:30am (closed Memorial Day and Labor Day). Find fresh, high-quality, produce, eggs, flowers and bedding plants. Look for more variety as the season progresses. Market signs lead the way to vendors at 10th and Washburn in the library’s parking lot.

Monday Farmers Market

1. Buy direct from the farmer. Help support the local economy.

2. Dig in! Seasonal food requires seasonal recipes, and we got ‘em. Just try to stump our librarians; we dare you. We can come up with refreshing recipes for whatever food is in season. Or, browse the 750+ cookbooks in our Cooking Neighborhood.

3. Be green! Talk directly to the folks who grew the food and feel good about the decreased carbon footprint it took to bring your food to market. Plus, if you live nearby, you can walk or bike here.

4. The market is a family affair! While you browse the vendor booths, kids can make a new craft each week to take home.

5. Shopping at the market is convenient. You were coming to the library anyway, right?

6. Relaxed shopping. Our Monday Farmers Market is small enough to shop and not be overwhelmed by too many vendors or shoppers. Plus, that means there’s more time to meet and talk to farmers and food artisans to learn where your food comes from.

7. Taste real flavors. Fresh, locally produced food tastes so much better. Your food ripened in the field so it’s juicy and tasty.
If you have questions about the market or would like to be a vendor, please contact Bonnie at 785-580-4495.