Colorado To Let Kansas Prosecute Man Who Held Up Dover Couple First

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Dover, KS (WIBW)_Colorado authorities say they are leaving it up to the state of Kansas to prosecute 23-year-old Jesse Dimmick first for holding up a couple in a Dover home, before before they charge him in connection with a murder.

Wednesday, 23-year-old Jesse Dimmick was charged with kidnapping and several other charges for the September 12th incident.

Colorado Chief Trial Deputy Dave Young says he will leave it up to Kansas Authorities to prosecute him for crimes here first. Then they'll charge Dimmick in connection with a murder in Colorado.

A man was found beaten to death in a hotel room in Aurora, CO, before Dimmick lead police on a massive chase, which ended at the Dover home, where Dimmick held that couple hostage.

Dave Young says he expects to speak with Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor next week.