Couple Held Hostage in Dover Speak Out

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Topeka, KS (WIBW) - "All of the sudden I hear Jared say Lindsay, Lindsay, get down, get down, get over to the basement. My first thought was is there a tornado? I mean I had no idea," said Lindsay Rowley.

While Lindsay was sound asleep Jared had seen a man wreck ... in his front yard.

"As I got up to go help him I heard 4 gunshots...and I heard sirens going everywhere," said Jared Rowley

"We started running into the kitchen. I could hear the helicopters and the police. It sounded like a war zone," said Lindsay.

That's when Jesse Dimmick stormed in their back door.

"Jared pushed me down to the basement and closed the door," said Lindsay.

Jared recalls Dimmick running in the door and hiding. From the basement, Lindsay listened, scared, not knowing what was going on.

"I could hear him upstairs wrestling around with this guy yelling back and forth," said Lindsay

She feared for her new husband's life. "So worried, so worried. I had no idea what was going to happen," said Lindsay.

Then Lindsay made a decision. It was the same decision Jared had made upstairs. "I gained composure and I said I have to get out. If I'm going to get hurt I need to go out trying."

"I realized we had to do something else because violence wasn't gonna work with this guy," said Jared.

When Lindsay came upstairs she calmly introduced herself.

"I put my hand out and said my name's Lindsay what's yours? From then on it was building a relationship with him," said Lindsay.

Outside officers were still searching for Dimmick they had no idea he was inside the Rowley's house. Inside the Rowley's say Dimmick took them to the back bedroom and locked the door.

Soon after, the doorbell rang. "I looked at him and I said what do you want me to do? He said well, do you trust me? I put out my hand and said of course we're friends right?"

Lindsay's aunt Denise was a the door trying to warn them of a wanted man on the loose.

Lindsay answered the door trying not to let Dimmick here her whisper to her aunt that they were in trouble. "Hey I was just... you know, everything's fine here. Then I whispered... he's in the house... he's in our house... he's in our bedroom,"

She then closed the door and calmly went back to the bedroom.

"It was our ultimate goal to not let him know that people were out here knowing he was in there," said Lindsay.

he Rowley's had Dimmick trusting them to the point he was willing to relax. They say they gave him a blanket and told him it was okay to lay down.

"We had him trust us so much that he believed us. "We said we'll wake you up. We're your friends," said Lindsay.

As soon as Dimmick was asleep Lindsay tip toed out first saying she was going to the restroom. Then Jared grabbed his toothbrush saying he was going to brush his teeth. They both made it out, safely.

The Rowley's still aren't comfortable going back into the house and the reality of what they lived through is slowly sinking in.

"I can't put into words what we went through," said Jared.

One thing they can put into words is their thanks and gratitude to all of the members of law enforcement who came to their aid. They both said they now plan on persuing careers in law enforcement.