Hostage's Family Finally At Ease

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Dover, KAN. (WIBW)--Family and neighbors in the small, quiet town of Dover were left clueless as a hostage situation unfolded.

Moments after word broke that Lindsay and Jared Rowley were held captive by a wanted murderer, family members living both near and far rushed to the scene.

"Very scary situation, you see these things in movies but never think something like this is going to happen in Dover," said Rob Sage, Lindsay's uncle.

But felon Jesse Dimmick made his way to Lindsay and Jared's home after police chased him in a stolen Chrysler mini-van.

More than 20 Sage family members were there offering their support. They all said the hardest part was sitting back and waiting. And that waiting lasted more than 2 hours.

By 11:30 Saturday morning Dimmick had fallen asleep on the Rowley's floor watching Patch Adams. This allowed Lindsay and Jared an opportunity to escape.