Authorities Identify Focus Of Geary County Manhunt

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Geary Co. (WIBW) - The Kansas Attorney General's Office has identified a murder suspect who's the subject of a manhunt in Geary County.

He is 23-year old Jesse Dennis Dimmick. The AG's Office says Dimmick is wanted in North Carolina, Louisiana and Colorado on multiple felonies, namely burglary. He is also a suspect in a murder at an Aurora, Colorado hotel.

Dimmick is the focus of a massive manhunt in Geary County, Kansas that started with a chase early Friday morning.

The Geary County Sheriff's Office says that around 2:30 am Friday a deputy tried to pull over the driver of a pickup for a traffic violation on I-70 near exit 313. The suspect took off and the deputy chased. They say the suspect went off the interstate and onto county roads, eventually wrecking at Lower McDowell Creek and Schmedemann Roads. The suspect then ran off.

The Sheriff's Office says the vehicle the suspect, believed to be Dimmick, was driving was reported stolen from Greeley, Colorado. Further investigation found Dimmick is wanted for a murder in Aurora, Colorado that happened Wednesday night or Thursday morning. A man was found beaten to death in a hotel room there just before 11 am Thursday.

More than 30 officers with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, Highway Patrol, Geary County Sheriff, Riley County Sheriff and Junction City are all searching for Dimmick.

Authorities were going road to road and door to door in the rural areas south and east of Junction City, knocking on homes to warn people of the search. They advised people to stay indoors, keep their vehicles and doors locked, not open the door for strangers and to call authorities if they saw anyone or anything unusual.

Dimmick is described as a white man, 6'2" tall with an average build. He has long, reddish-blonde hair, possibly in a ponytail or corn rows. It's expected he has one to day days growth of facial hair, but a prominent mustache. He was last seen wearing a red shirt and blue jeans.

Authorities say evidence at the scene suggests a second person might have been in the vehicle with Dimmick, but they do not have a description of who that person might be.

Anyone who sees Dimmick should call 911 or contact their local authorities.

Jesse Dennis Dimmick