Governor Sebelius Recognizes Gifted and Talented Wednesday

Gifted children across Kansas were recognized Wednesday when Governor Sebelius declared it the first-ever "Gifted and Talented Day" in Kansas. The Kansas Association for the Gifted, Talented, and Creative (KGTC) used the occasion as a kick off for its advocacy efforts for over 15,000 gifted students in Kansas schools.

The KGTC also arranged a Legislative Shadow Day for gifted students, grades 8-12, state-wide along with specific efforts on the local level.

According to the KGTC, gifted children are feeling increasingly "left out" as schools adapt to the NCLB movement. They face many challenges in the classroom where they spend 80% of their time.

In order to fit in, many gifted children start to learn to underachieve as early as 2nd grade, costing the "nation a fount of future possibilities."