Kansas Lawmakers May Have a Chance to Voice Their Opinion to Washington

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) Kansas lawmakers may soon be able to weigh in on President Bush's planned troop build-up in Iraq.

Democratic State Senator Donald Betts of Wichita has introduced a resolution that would put state lawmakers on record as opposing Bush's plan to send 21 thousand additional troops to Iraq. The measure would be nonbinding and could not stop the president from sending troops to Iraq.

Betts' resolution says U.S. soldiers have "valiantly upheld their duty in Iraq under dire circumstances.'' But it also says the U.S. shouldn't escalate the war and send more troops to Iraq.

The resolution will be heard by the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee in the next several days. Salina Republican, Pete Brungardt, chairs the committee. He said that he hasn't seen the language in the resolution, but opposes the troop surge.