Manhattan Murder

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A neighborhood is in shock after it's first murder in decades. A 21 year old man was murdered in Manhattan Saturday. In the city of Manhattan, it had been more than a year since they had a murder, and in the Flinthills subdivision, it's been at least three decades.

"I've been at the Housing authority for 20 years and another staff members been here for 30 years. In the history of the Housing Authority we cannot recall that there's ever been a homicide," said JoAnn Sutton the Executive Director of the Manhattan Housing Authority.

Saturday that changed in the neighborhood of Flinthills Place when 21 year old Terrel Morris was shot to death. Neighbors say Morris lived with his 23 year old girlfriend Melissa Mitchell. They say the two moved in, in late September, and from the few months he was there, neighbors say Morris seemed like a good guy.

"It shouldn't have happened to him. He's too nice. Who would want to do that to him?" said Rose Cruz, a neighbor.

Police aren't saying what happened Saturday, only that Morris's girlfriend, Melissa Mitchell, reported the death about 4:30 in the morning.

For a community that isn't used to seeing crime tape, it's been hard to take. Monday night the Housing Authority reached out to residents by holding a meeting, "Communicate with the residents, let them know we're aware of the seriousness of what's happened at Flinthills Place and to reassure them that we understand and to give them some tips as to what they can do to make their community safer," said Sutton.