Kansas Politicians React to President's Plan

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Senator Sam Brownback says he is against President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq. The Kansas Republican says Iraq requires a political solution.

Republican Senator Pat Roberts says he supports the plan, but it's conditioned on Iraqi forces stepping up efforts to end the sectarian violence and achieve stability.

Republican Congressman Jerry Moran is also skeptical.

Moran says it doesn't make sense to send more troops if the Iraqi people aren't willing to set aside sectarian differences and commit to rebuilding their country.

Democrat Dennis Moore isn't taking a formal position on the plan, but he says any decision will be carefully scrutinized by the Democratic-controlled Congress.

Republican Todd Tiahrt says he is pleased that Bush's plan includes moving Iraqi security forces to the front, with U.S. troops serving a support role.

Democrat Nancy Boyda also declines to take a definitive position; she says she has --quote -- ``deep concerns'' about the plan.