Jackson Remembered For Musical Genius

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Undated (AP) _ Television channels from Sydney to Tokyo have
interrupted their Friday programs to report the news of Michael
Jackson's death.

Online fan pages dedicated to the King of Pop have become impromptu memorial sites.

In Sydney, where Jackson married second wife Debbie Rowe in 1996, commuters in the business district stopped outside television studios to watch coverage on outdoor monitors. Christos Winter calls it ``a terrible day for all of us.'' He had been using his Facebook fan page as a petition to try to get Jackson to add Australia to his concert tour.

Morning TV shows have devoted full coverage to the Jackson story, alternating live reports from Los Angeles with e-mails from viewers filled with condolences and memories.

A 35-year-old man in Japan, where Jackson was a massive star, says he woke up to the news of the pop star's death and ``just couldn't believe it.'' Tokyo television canceled regular programs for live coverage from the U.S.

Hundreds of fans have crowded the street outside Michael Jackson's modest childhood home in Gary, Ind., after word spread that the ``King of Pop'' had died in Los Angeles at the age of 50.

Some fans formed a prayer circle Thursday on the front yard of the small white frame home where Jackson grew up. Others left stuffed animals and notes expressing their condolences.

Fifty-year-old Bernetta Galloway of Gary said residents are proud of Jackson because he was ``somebody from Gary who did something with their life.''

Jackson was 11 when the family moved out of Gary after the Jackson 5 recorded their first album in 1969.

Jackson's last trip to Gary was in June 2003.

The man who produced ``Thriller'' says he's lost his little brother with the death of Michael Jackson.

Quincy Jones says part of his soul ``has gone with him.''

Jones is one of many celebrities remembering Jackson.

Wyclef Jean calls Jackson his ``musical god,'' while Celine Dion says Jackson was her ``idol.''

Dick Clark knew Jackson from his childhood when he started in the Jackson 5. Clark says of all the entertainers he's worked with, Jackson was ``the most outstanding.''

Fans are also taking the death hard. One man says he cried when he heard the news. He says he thought Jackson was ``immortal.'' He says Jackson may have been ``a little bit weird,'' but says ``you've got to be weird to be an entertainer.''