Standoff in Osage County

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Osage City, KS - An Osage City man is in police custody after a police standoff that lasted about five hours Tuesday morning. Neighbors identify the man as John Esposito and the Osage County Appraisers records indicate the home is owned by Marlene Jo Esposito.

Osage County Sheriff Laurie Dunn said the standoff began when Esposito called police early Tuesday morning. She said he did not want to leave his house and that there had been a domestic dispute. For reasons Sheriff Dunn would not disclose there was enough concern to have police officers and Sheriff's deputies surround the home. Kansas Highway Patrol was asked to have their helicopter brought to the scene.

Osage County District court records reveal that Marlene Esposito filed for divorce from John Esposito just after 9:00 Tuesday morning. She listed the address for the couple as 1417 E Street, Osage County, KS 66523 the same address where the stand off occurred.

Ms. Esposito also filed for a restraining order which orders both parties to coming to the premesis where the other may be and/or causing any harm or injury. It also freezes all of the couples assets except what they need for day-to-day living until they meet in court.

Sheriff Dunn said Mr. Esposito was armed inside the house. He came out peacefully around 11:00 a.m. and was taken into custody. No charges surrounding this incident have been filed. Sheriff Dunn did say they would be evaluating his mental state of mind.

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