Local Roaster Shows How Art of Cupping Creates Perfect Cup of Coffee

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How do you take your coffee? Do you have to add any flavor? One topeka company hopes if you drink theirs, the answer is no. They go to great lengths to ensure not only flavor but quality is brewed in every cup.

"The entire process has to be perfect," says PT's co-founder Jeff Taylor. "There is no room for error."

That mindset has catapulted PT's Coffee to the national spotlight. Tracking coffee bean from dirt to cup and quality control measures helped earn the company the title 2009 Roaster Of The Year.

Keeping up quality means making sure each roast is perfect. They do that with a daily process, more like ritual, called cupping.

"It's the process of (thrpp!) slurping coffee to get the flavors of it," Taylor says.

So we got a private cupping session and the folks at PT's coffee walked us through the whole process. They say they just hope the art of cupping leads to the perfect cup.