Sebelius Says Religion Influences Her Policies

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Governor Sebelius told a nondenominational group this weekend that her Catholic upbringing influences her policy decisions.

Speaking to Kansans for Faithful Citizenship, Sebelius said she's guided by scripture that requires people to help the needy and be selfless to be admitted into heaven.

Sebelius is running for reelection against Republican Jim Barnett of Emporia.

Her comments come as Republican Attorney General Phill Kline has raised eyebrows for saying in an internal campaign memo that he plans to rely on Kansas churchgoers in his reelection fight with Democrat Paul Morrison.

She has also been criticized by Catholic Archbishop Joseph Naumann, who has asked Catholics to pray for Sebelius to change her support for abortion rights.

During her speech, Sebelius said she supports providing incentives for adoption and planned pregnancies. But she says religion shouldn't be used to divide people politically.