Protesters Say Mental Health Services Needed, Rather than Jail Time

A small group of protesters contended on Monday that a woman who is accused of trying to convince an Indiana family that she was their long-lost daughter needs mental health services rather than jail time.

One activist also suggested it is unfair for national news organizations to give Donna Lynette Walker's case so much attention and ignore the plight of missing black children.

Walker remains in the Shawnee County Jail on $100,000 held as a fugitive from justice.

In Indiana, she is charged with felony identity deception and misdemeanor false reporting.

Walker says she was only trying to help in the search for Shannon Marie Sherrill, who vanished in 1986 when she was six years old.

Walker's next court hearing is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. Wednesday,
and another protest is planned before the hearing.