Bone Marrow Donor Found for Middle School Student

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A bright light of hope is shining in the lives of a Topeka family the community has so tirelessly helped.

12-year old Jessica Seidel has been undergoing chemotherapy and is in need of a bone marrow transplant.

Monday, her mom said a bone marrow match was found and the person agreed to donate to Jessica, who is a student at Washburn Rural Middle School.

The transplant is slated to take place at Children's Mercy Hospital on April 6th. Jessica will be admitted March 25th to begin what's called a "conditioning" phase.

The community has held fundraisers, blood drives and a bone marrow drive in her honor in January to help find a match. Bone marrow donors remain anonymous to the patient for at least a year after the transplant so there's no telling whether the match is from the drive in Topeka.