Calling All Men:Varsity Athlete Wants YOU As A Big Brother!

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With the sound of his coach's whistle, Jarron Ogles is ready to attack. He's a freshman at Highland Park High School but he's already on the varsity wrestling team.

Wrestling isn't his only skill. Jarron also plays football and runs track. "It's an opportunity to try new things and meet new people, plus I'm really competitve," Jarron adds, grinning.

One of five siblings and cousins, Jarron wants a chance to hang out with a mentor. That's why he's on the waiting list along with hundreds of others for Big Brothers Big Sisters. His mom thinks its a great idea.

"He's a great kid, period. I teach all my kids to answer 'Yes Ma'am' when someone talks to them," boasts Jeannette Ogles. "I want all my kids to become doctors or lawyers, you know? I want to surround them with successful people so they're exposed to other cultures and can decide what they want in life."

Jeannette describes Jarron as kind-hearted, smart, and outgouing. His older brother had a 'Big' through Big Brothers Big Sisters and had such a good experience, Jarron knew he wanted one too. So if you're wrestling with the decision to sign up, Jarron says don't.

"You should be a big because you could help a kid decide what he wants in life or help him to turn his life around."

Don't forget to go to www.SaveAKid.TV for more info about joining Big Brothers Big Sisters or to help out with their fundraiser, Bowl For Kid's Sake!