4 To Be Charged In Ashley Alcala's Murder

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Four people will be charged in the murder of Ashley Alcala, including her husband.

Manuel Campos Alcala had his first court appearance Monday. He appeared by video from Shawnee County jail.

The 32-year-old Alcala, calm and dressed in a yellow jump suit, asked Judge Rebecca Crotty to lower his bond - set at $1 million after he was arrested Saturday - two days after his wife Ashley was found unresponsive and injured at their home on 3022 SE Kentucky Avenue.

"I wish that the court would reconsider lowering the bond," Manuel Alcala told the judge. "I would request GPS monitoring and will be reporting, as requested, daily to the court," he said haltingly.

The judge declined.

"I'm not going to reduce it at this time," she said. "Based on the severity of the crime and also the fact that there were other alleged co-conspirators involved who were contacted out of state."

According to the District Attorney's office, three others - two men and one woman - from El Paso, Texas, have been charged with two counts each of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

The District Attorney's Office is seeking extradition of the three alleged co-conspirators.

At 3022 SE Kentucky Avenue, crime scene tape was removed Monday afternoon.

Detectives would not say where and in what condition Ashley Alcala's body was found, only that she was discovered on Thursday morning by a relative.

Police say their work at the crime scene had been "productive."

"We did collect forensic evidence that will support the case, such as fingerprints, DNA, things like that," Topeka Police Lt. Russ Klumpp, Commander of the Crime Scene Investigation unit, said. "Those will all be sent to a lab and the proper examiners to determine whose they are."

"Nothing at the scene leads us to believe it was a burglary," Klumpp said.

He added, there was "at least one person at the scene with the victim when she was assaulted."

The District Attorney's office plans to file official charges against Alcala Tuesday, in Shawnee County District Court.