WIBW Memories: Two Days of Importance

I was born October 16, 1951. My mom and dad bought our family's first TV in 1956. I have two older sisters. We lived in Havensville, KS, which is on Highway 63 north of St. Mary's. Our home was an 8'wide and 34' long trailer that was parked behind Grandma Norma and Grandpa Glen's tavern.

The TV was a 19'' one that looked like a big heavy box that had one knob at the top to change the channel and one knob that was called the tuner on the other side.

We were very happy watching WIBW, cause it was the only station we could get. So there was no fighting about what to watch on TV. Our TV stayed on Channel 13, WIBW all the time.

I remember watching shows like "I've Got a Secret," "To Tell the Truth," "Art Linkletter" that always said "Kids say the darnest things," "My Three Songs," "Leave it to Beaver," and "Lassie."

On Saturday, Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, and Minnie Mouse. But on Saturday night, all of the family would watch "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "Gunsmoke."

There are two days watching WIBW that I will never forget. They are Nov. 22, 1963 and June 8, 1966. Of course anyone that was living Nov. 22, 1963 shoudl remember - the assassination of our 35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy - in Dallas, TX.

It is a day I will never forget. He was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. Then when they were taking Oswald to jail Jack Ruby killed Oswald.

WIBW showed President Kennedy getting shot, it seemed like 50 times or more. Then WIBW showed his funeral so many times I got tired of watching it. I was only 12 years old and my grandma Norma died Oct. 14, 1961. Everytime I saw President John F. Kennedy's funeral, it made me think of my grandma. Remember I was just a 12 year old kid.

Then on June 8, 1966 was the biggest tornado in Topeka that anyone had ever seen. I remember my family always watched the local news on WIBW at 6 p.m .Bill Kurtis was the one that was on the 6 p.m .news - then about 7 p.m. Bill Kurtis came back on scared to death and finally said, "for God's sake, take cover." When the tornado was over it had killed 16 people and the damage to Topeka was about $100 million. They said it caused more damage than any other in history (up to the date of June 8, 1966).

When President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, our TV was a black and white one. By 1966, most people including my family had a color TV.

In 1969 I got married. So after that, my husband received an honorable medical discharge from the Air Force at Forbes Air Force base - here in Topeka in Jan. 1970. So we moved to his home state of Louisana. I never moved back to Kansas until March 2007, after my mother passed away in Jan. 2007. So that ends "My Remembrance of WIBW, Channel 13."

P.S. WIBW was the only station in this area until Dec. 1967 when they build the NBC station outside Silver Lake, KS.

Connie Savage Greenmun