WIBW Memories: The Shows of Childhood

These are the shows that I remember most about the early days of Channel 13.

Hoot Gibson, Kookla Fran and Ollie, Walter Cronkite, Charlie Chaplin, Three Stooges, Buster Keeton, Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney, Ed Sullivan, Lennon Sisters, Buck Rogers, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Vincent Price (not sure about the last three but somewhere around then), Lash Laroo and Whip Wilson (Westerners, also Lone Ranger), Pinky Lee Show, Howdy Doodey Claribell (clown), Mortimer Snurd, Buffalo Bob, Eisenhower election, Amos and Andy. Off-air picture was Indian Chief, Heckyl and Jeckyl, Inner Sanctum Shock Theater.

Jim Tevis