WIBW Memories: Favorite Cartoons

So many memories flood into my mind about WIBW-TV. Where do I begin?

Is it remembering Miss Elsa playing the organ and the guys playing? I would get up early just to hear them play before going to school, and if for some reason school was not held on a fake illness I got to lay on the sofa watching Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Green Jeans, Mr. Moose and his knock-knock jokes with pin pong balls falling, or Bunny Rabbit and the disappearing carrot tricks, waking up Grandfather Clock, Dancing Bean, Tom Terrific and Manford the Wonder Dog, Lariet Sam and Tippy Toes and Simon Lagreed, also Mr. Peabody or Professor Peabody.

As I grew older two brothers were born and two sisters...Ah, those two little brothers made me sit in the middle of them when the Wizard of Oz came on...the occasion of watching television with little sisters was Miss Nancy and Romper Room.

I wish kids today could see Captain Kangaroo instead of the violent cartoons on.

Remembering the day John Kennedy died, hearing Martin Luther King being shot and then less than two months later Bobby Kennedy gunned down.

Happy memories of Kansas had two Miss America's! The tornado and Bill Curtis' "For God's sake take cover!"

The collapse of the bridge and how worried my mom was because my dad took that way home every night about 5:15 p.m. and hiking that night he picked up two girls hitch-hiking to Las Vegas, they got to Wamego for a bus and my dad bought two tickets so they wouldn't have to hitchhike and $20 for eats (They made it and he received a card every Christmas thanking him for turning around "because something didn't feel right" so he went another way home. Dad passed away in 1994 and they still send me a card saying how lucky they were.

Watching man land and walk on the moon! And now to watch the 44th president take office of the United States.

WIBW you've done well for 55 years and I'm only 53 myself.

Let's not forget The Shockers Football Team who crashed in 1970 and lost their lives and the KU Orange Bowl champs.

Thank you for all the memories and congratulations on a job well done.

P.S. Let's not forget Jungle John after school or Harold Ensley on Saturday nights!

Darla Bonner-Hanks