Passenger Jet Crash Lands In London

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(AP) A British Airways passenger jet carrying 71 people crash-landed at London City Airport on Friday evening after part of its landing gear failed, officials said. One person was taken to a hospital with a minor injury.

BA Flight 8456 was flying from Amsterdam to London and the airline said in a statement the four-engine plane's nosewheel failed on landing. Emergency slides were deployed to evacuate the passengers. British Airways said the plane was carrying 67 passengers and four crew.

London firefighters said the plane crashed onto the runway around 8 p.m., and ambulance reported that four people were treated for minor injuries.

London City Airport, in the eastern part of the British capital, is mainly used for domestic and European flights. It handles around 80,000 flights a year, with just over 3 million passengers.

The airport's only runway was closed after the incident.

The crash-landing in London came a day after a commuter plane nose-dived into a suburban house in upstate New York, killing all 49 people aboard and one person in the home.

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