WIBW Memories: Whizzo the Clown

I have watched WIBW since 1961, when we moved to Miltonvale, KS. Our antenna, which had a router box, could only get two stations, WIBW and Channel 4 out of Nebraska. Channel 4 wasn't that reliable especially during inclement weather so WIBW wa our station.

CBS has always been my favorite network. I have memories of "As the World Turns" back in the late 50's. So when we moved to MiltonVale, I still watched it when I can.

But a few of my most vivid memories of WIBW are: The day of the Topeka tornado and Bill Curtis (I think that was his name) saying, "If you are within the sound of my voice, for God sake take cover!"; and the great pictures the station took of all the destruction and the storm coming over Burnets Mound.

Fred White and Max Flechenstein (not spelled right I'm sure) doing the sports together; still like to hear their voices and have met Max at a KSU Lady basketball game - great guy and like to hear Fred White during the KC Royals games.

And then there was Whizzo, my daughter loved Whizzo and we took her to one of his Saturday shows. We had planned to take her and the morning we were to go, she woke up sick. I am not sure which was worse - her being sick or knowing she had to miss the show that day. But we took her the next weekend.

Also, I am a scholar bowl coach so I have always enjoyed High Q or now Quest. But my all time favorite is Wheel of Fortune. I love that show and would love to be a contestant. I am a "Wheel Watcher"!

We still watch some, but also watch your sister station KWCH. Some of our family lives in Wichita so we try to keep up on what is going on there, too.

But CBS is the Number One Network and will continue to be as far as I am concerned.

Judy Lobaugh