WIBW Memories: Your Question Please

Early on in WIBW-TV's history, 1956 to be exact, began a live, religious broadcast that lasted for 40 years. At one time it was proven to be the oldest, live, public service time, religious broadcast in the nation. Through all of those years, it remained a live, religious, and was given public service time by WIBW.

The program was "Your Question Please." The format of the program was simple. There was a panel of three Topeka pastors plus another pastor who answered the telephone. The panel members were permanent members. A number appeared on the screen and people could call in their questions. The pastor on the phone would pass along a question to the moderator of the panel. The moderator would then field the question to a member of the panel. It was possible for all three pastors to be involved in responding to the question. The program was at 12:15 and followed the noon news and weather. The station manager reported that the program ranked high in the Nielson ratings.

The program continued from 1956 until sometime in the mid-1990s.

It was my privilege to have been moderator of "Your Question Please" for about ten years.

Merris Brady
Pastor Emeritus
First United Methodist Church