WIBW Memories: Grandfather's Place in History

My sister and I have fond memories of when WIBW came on the air.

My grandfather was president, publisher and general manager of Capper Publications, Inc. It included the Topeka Daily Capital newspaper, WIBW Radio and WIBW Television, plus many other things.

All the children and grandchildren of my grandfather, Henry Blake, Sr., were on the show the first time WIBW TV went on the air. I know that we have a picture of that event but can't seem to locate it.

My sister, Sally, and I remember the occasion. Sally remembers watching the WIBW tower go up. The Heibert cousins were on TV at that time, too. My brother was born in 1949.

Two of my children were on Romper Room with Nancy Perry. My son won the bicycle given away by Romper Room.

WIBW is my favorite channel to watch.

Susan Blake Lemon